James Tusk’s Book about Texting Woman: My Honest Review

James Tusk texting book

James Tusk, maybe you might know him from the videos he puts on his Youtube channel. He is well known for his daygame skills where he uses a direct way of talking to approach women during the day. So recently he published a book about how to text women. We, as copywriters at Albagora, find it always intriguing to know more about this stuff, and if we could learn from it. So we gave it a try! 

What’s it about & is it useful?

So the book is around 160 pages long, and it starts off by telling you how the Text Ladder works. This is a step by step guide, where Tusk & Thorpe explain how you should text a woman. This stuff is extremely useful because it gives you a plan to follow. Because in the beginning, it could be hard to come up with this stuff yourself. The ladder is divided in 5 steps. If a girl doesn’t text you back, you go back to step 2. Here you can check this out in video format.

In my opinion, the texting ladder is the best part of the book because it gives you stuff to work with. It is really nice to have that, especially when you are a beginner. I think there is currently not any author or dating coach out there that explains this stuff so structured. So only that would be a great reason to buy this book.

After that, other techniques are explained. Think about push-pull and a technique that you can use if the conversation has dried out, or when it hit a wall.

At the ending of the book, there will be a troubleshooting section, where problems that could come up with texting are discussed. What I like about this is, is that you most likely have to cope with almost all the questions/problems, they have stated in the book.

What could be improved?

There are also some points that could be improved in the book. If you fail to climb up the texting ladder with a girl, you will have to go back to step 2 (as they will explain). There are a few examples given, and they also talk about a twist with sending photo’s, but it is quite limited. Because this step is so important in this book, it would be great if they gave more examples of that.

Next to that, I think it generally would be good if they discussed the texting ladder and troubleshooting section in more detail by giving a deeper explanation and giving more examples. It could be very hard as a beginner to come up with this stuff yourself.

So is it worth it?

In my opinion, yes! If you are struggling with texting women, I would really say this is a great book to buy. It gives you the right structure you can use, and it gives you some guidance. The price of the book and the delivery time is great, so you should definitely give it a try.


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