What is the best online marketing podcast?

internet marketing podcast

Do you want to do something useful while you cycle to work, sit in a corner in the subway or iron your shirts? Dive into the world of podcasts. Because there is no image, you can do something else in the meantime. Listen to podcasts for free on the websites, as well as iTunes or Spotify. We are happy to share our 3 favourite internet marketing podcast with you.

Guy Raz – How I built this (Guy Raz)

This podcast is – how do you guess – about how people build something. American journalist Guy Raz focuses on special entrepreneurs, ranging from professional snowboarders to fashion entrepreneurs and from HR professionals to organic food experts. The lengths of the episodes also vary, which we like; for example, there is an episode suitable for every timeframe – whether it’s your intercity ride from Amsterdam to Breda or a ferry from Amsterdam Central to North.

The nice thing about the interviews is that they are not recorded boringly in a studio, but often with an audience present. Our favorite episode: “Airbnb’s Joe Gebbia At The HIBT Summit” where Guy interviews Airbnb’s founder at his own HIBT (How I Built This) event. Only takes a quarter of an hour and is very inspiring.

VPRO – Future Shock

A delicious podcast from Dutch soil. The Future Shock podcast is about technology. What is the connection with marketing? Marketing is closely related to technology. One of our favourite episodes is about fast fashion and its consequences. Even if you don’t work in fashion, you can learn a lot from the way such a problem is looked at and how everything actually revolves around the consumer. With two episodes a month, this podcast is also easy to keep track of. The topics are very diverse, so you can learn a lot. The episodes all take about half an hour. We are fans.

Gary Vee – The GaryVee Audio Experience

Gary Vee may seem a little too much for you at first, but you have to look through that amazing. “Thiiiiis is the Gary Vee Audio Experience! It’s about to be legendary!” sounds very American… His content is very valuable and he touches on different subjects. He posts new podcasts quite often (every day!) and you can see he puts a lot of time and effort into it.

He sometimes posts regular podcasts, then the recordings of a conference where he was a speaker and then an interview. We are especially fans of the episode where he is invited to the UAE to give his opinion on digital media in the United Arab Emirates. His opinion is sharp, but he knows what he’s talking about and shares good ideas.

Wayne Parker Kent – The Letter

Maybe our favorite podcast because of the interesting guests. If you like structure, this podcast is made for you. They always start with three news items about media, content and marketing. After that the guest will be interviewed about a certain subject. The two hosts (Mark Schoones and Matthijs Tielman) alternate nicely and both ask good questions. At the end they ask if the attendees have seen any good content. The mix of news, interview and inspiration makes it a nice podcast to listen to.

Do you hear something interesting, for example a handy tool or a new website with the news? Then you can find it in the show notes. The episodes all last an hour, but you can easily pause after each part and get back in. Our most popular episode is that of Boris van Zanten of The Next Web, because he gives good entrepreneurial tips and also gives you a glimpse into his own life.